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mySolar is a leading provider of premium solar solutions, empowering individuals and businesses with efficient, reliable systems for clean energy. We tailor our cutting-edge solar systems to meet unique energy needs, seamlessly integrating them with homes, buildings, and facilities. With trusted partnerships, rigorous standards, and exceptional customer service, we foster lasting relationships on the journey towards a greener future.

What We Provide.

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End-to-End Solutions for Net-Zero Emission Initiatives:

mySolar provides comprehensive turnkey solutions to help achieve net-zero emissions.


mySolar offers a seamless, end-to-end service encompassing design, installation, maintenance, and ongoing support.

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Dedicated Team of Industry Experts:

mySolar has a dedicated team of industry experts to help adopt affordable and clean energy solutions.

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No Upfront Capital Cost:

Customers are relieved from upfront capital costs and instead bear the responsibility of a convenient monthly fee.

What is a Solar Ready Home?

A solar-ready home refers to a residence that has been specifically designed and primed for a future solar power installation. Constructing a solar-powered home involves making a few simple adjustments to standard building practices.

These adjustments include performing a solar rough-in, optimizing roof areas to maximize solar energy generation, and ensuring an aesthetically pleasing appearance for the solar array.

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Solar-Ready Benefits

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Save Money.

Making your home solar ready is cost-effective when incorporated into the planning and design stage of the building process. By avoiding afterthoughts, which can be costly in contracting services, the steps to prepare your home for solar energy become more affordable.

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Optimized Design Aesthetics.

Designing a house with integrated solar panels creates an appealing look. Uniform shapes and larger arrays enhance aesthetics, though obstacles like gables and vents may limit array size. Concealing exterior cabling behind walls during roughing in ensures a clean finish. If a uniform face isn’t possible, we minimize cabling and align panels to match the shape closely.

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Better Performance.

Building a home for solar panels maximizes system output through simple adjustments. Optimizing the tilt and azimuth can greatly increase solar energy gains. Modifying roof faces is also impactful, considering factors like gables, dormers, and ridge lines that affect available solar area.

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Prepare for the Future.

Preparing your home in advance for solar is a wise decision, even if you don’t want it immediately. With advancing technology and decreasing prices, you can easily install solar in the future. Adequate planning and a solar rough-in avoid wall penetrations, minimizing aesthetic concerns and envelope risks. Moreover, a solar- ready home increases value and appeal when selling in the future.

How to Make a Home Solar-Ready

Planning for solar during the design stage of a build is the optimal time. By doing so, you can achieve a highly optimized solar power system.


To optimize solar electric systems, prioritize unobstructed rectangular areas when designing a home and its roof. Rectangular solar modules efficiently use available space, while triangular faces may have unused areas. Steeper tilts and southern exposures maximize energy production throughout the year.


Obstacles like vents, plumbing stacks, chimneys, satellites, and skylights restrict solar panel placement and may incur additional relocation costs. It is best to position these obstructions away from the solar face whenever possible. If placement on the face is necessary, grouping them together near the roof’s crest, eave, or edge maximizes space for solar panels in a new home


Allocating a small area near the electrical panel allows for future flexibility in installing a string inverter. A space of approximately 2′ x 3′ is adequate for efficient cabling routing and device installation. Furthermore, it is recommended to increase the electrical panel’s busbar size in proportion to the main breaker rating.


Installing conduits for solar power systems, known as a solar rough-in, is a straightforward process with numerous benefits. It can save you substantial costs during solar panel installation for your home or business. The solar rough-in process is similar for both residential and commercial settings, involving the installation of conduit or cable from the electrical room to the solar panel location. The main distinction is sizing the conduit/cable, with commercial installations requiring larger ones due to their larger scale.


Roof type determines steps for a solar-ready home. A solar-specific junction box conceals cables routed into the attic/home. Asphalt shingle roofs are straightforward, while others require more consideration. Standing seam, corrugated, and metal shingle roofs benefit from installing a junction box during roofing, preferably during initial construction. Metal shingle roofs may need extra support for racking, ensuring sealing and warranty compliance. Homes with vaulted ceilings need further measures. Installing a roof-level junction box and connecting cables or conduit internally prepares the home for solar.

Everything In-House.

Our in-house solar engineers, designers, project
managers, procurement professionals, and
installation technicians are expertly trained and
have decades of experience in their trade.


Highly trained solar experts who have highest closing percentages in the industry.

Professionally trained solar advisors dedicated to present customized solar proposals, educate homeowners on the benefits of going solar.

Both virtual and in-home sales presentation capability to meet all customer needs.

Ongoing training to keep up with a fast- evolving industry and ability to rapidly scale with increased lead demand.

Advanced AI scheduling software to communicate with customers and maximize lead efficiency.


Design and Engineering are integral to the sucesss of a solar project.

Premium performance by optimizing the design to ensure maximum efficiency.

High standard of engineering completed by in house Professional Engineers.

Our highly experienced engineering team ensures the highest quality design – The focus is on building safe systems with the highest production.


We have full control of every part of the process, from start to finish.

Quality control.

High-standard of workmanship.

Positive customer experience.

Highly trained technicians.

On time delivery and installation of your project.

Safety focused installation.

Monitor your solar system.

Why mySolar.

Let our expertise and support be the guiding force in constructing your solar home.


As a premium solar company, we are known for our high-quality products and reliable performance. By partnering with mySolar, builders can ensure that the solar panels installed in their projects meet the highest standards and are built to last. Our quality solar panels deliver optimal energy production and require fewer repairs or replacements over time.


mySolar provides extensive technical expertise and support throughout the project lifecycle. We offer guidance on system design, installation, and maintenance, ensuring a smooth integration of solar panels into the building’s design and operations. Access to specialized knowledge and ongoing support can alleviate the burden on builders and contribute to successful solar installations.


mySolar offers comprehensive warranties and service packages for our products. These warranties can provide peace of mind to builders and homeowners, ensuring that any potential issues with the solar panels will be promptly addressed. Having a reliable warranty and service program in place can minimize risks and protect the builder’s reputation.


Collaborating with mySolar will enhance a builder’s reputation as a provider of sustainable and energy-efficient homes. Partnering with a trusted solar brand demonstrates a commitment to environmental stewardship and positions you, the builder, as a leader in sustainable construction. This can attract environmentally conscious buyers and potentially increase the value of the properties.


Partnering with a premium solar company can
open up marketing and branding opportunities.
Builders can leverage the reputation and
credibility of the solar company to promote their

projects as environmentally friendly and energy-
efficient. Collaborative marketing efforts, co-
branding, and joint advertising campaigns can

help generate greater visibility and attract
potential buyers.

Revenue Share Model.

At MySolar, we provide a flexible and tailored approach to revenue sharing, taking into account the specific needs and circumstances of each partner. Our customized revenue share model ensures that our partners have a fair distribution of the revenue generated from solar energy projects or services. The exact details of the revenue share model vary depending on the specific agreement between MySolar and our partners, as well as the nature of our partnership itself.

At MySolar, we provide a flexible and tailored approach to revenue sharing, taking into account the specific needs and circumstances of each partner. Our customized revenue share model ensures that our partners have a fair distribution of the revenue generated from solar energy projects or services. The exact details of the revenue share model vary depending on the specific agreement between MySolar and our partners, as well as the nature of our partnership itself.

Let us help you build your solar home.