Woolwich, ON


Woolwich, ON

System Size: 7.7 kW

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Save up to $4,000 depending on your province and qualify for an interest-free loan of up to $40,000 for going solar.

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Shivay S.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

I highly recommend mySolar for your solar installation needs. The team was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient throughout the entire process. They walked me through every step and answered all of my questions. I have seen a significant decrease in my energy bills and am happy to be doing my part for the environment.

Rashad M.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

Such a great company to work with, I’m really pleased with the overall experience. They walked me through every step and took care of everything. The installation was very professional, and my wife and I have been really excited to see a big reduction in our electricity bill. I would highly recommend looking at mySolar if you’re interested in solar.

David S.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

Very Professional, well-prepared presentation, friendly and knowledgeable Sales Rep. Ryan was outstanding. If you’re considering solar as part of your energy program — these are the guys to do it!

Candace B.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

Solar is something I’ve wanted for years now but never quite got around to it. I was impressed by mySolar. Everything was professional from beginning to end. They were friendly and answered all my questions throughout the process. My neighbours have been asking me about it since it got installed and I can’t recommend this company enough. I should have done this years ago. Thanks again.

Chandresh P.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

It was a great experience. MySolar did great work from the beginning, explaining how the project will be completed. Helped me throughout the process and up until it was finished and completely installed installation. Thank you!!!

Mansoor T.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

The project was presented in a very professional manner which made me to decide to go with Solar, Mysolar was very responsive from the beginning to the end, provided as much information as possible. They followed up with all associated parties to get the project done in a timely fashion.

Mark K.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

Both Fahad R and Jessica have been a pleasure to work with. They answer all my questions or find out the answers. They just finished installing my 5kw system and I love how you can barely see the critter guards, cables are tucked neatly,  and the panels where very lightweight. I would highly recommend my Solar if you want high quality work

Michelle P.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

Fahad and Jessica have been amazing with support and communication . From the beginning they have kept me in the loop with updates on the project and what to expect and when roughly to expect them. I have a 3.5kw setup and I am super excited to having essentially no hydro payments. Saving money and the earth!

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It really is as easy as 1, 2, 3 (we promise).

At the end of the day, all we have is our time. We don’t want to waste any of yours, so we utilize only premium products, powerful design software, and a smooth process designed with simplicity and a pain-free homeowner experience in mind.

  • Get a custom-tailored solar report for your home — and choose to go solar.
  • Let mySolar do the hard work for you — all connection & utility approvals, permits, and design & engineering work.
  • Now you’re in control of your energy — save money, and join the thousands of Canadians powering their home with clean energy.


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