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We are your turnkey solar (PV) partner, empowering clients to take control of their energy today. Let us help you take your solar (PV) goals from concept to construction to connection.

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Our management team has over 25 plus years experience in the commercial solar space (since 2009).

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Experience Makes The Difference

Our expert management team has been designing, building, and financing commercial solar (PV) assets since 2009. Let us be your trusted advisor, helping guide you through a process that will empower you to take control of your energy today, and better your bottom line.

Our Services

Solar (PV) Engineering Procurement & Construction

Our experienced leadership team will bring the expertise necessary to design, build and connect your solar (PV) system. Our best-in-class industry standards will ensure financial goals are met, while mitigating risk and lowering your carbon footprint.

Solar (PV) Financing

Our in-house solar (PV) financing will allow you to meet your energy savings goals without the capital investment. Financing your solar (PV) enables you to conserve capital for core business needs while at the same time increasing your profitability and hedging your energy bills long term. Use others money to save money.

Solar (PV) Operations & Maintenance

Often discussed but more often overlooked, maintenance is integral to maximizing your investment. Our maintenance services professionals will ensure your solar (PV) asset is operating at peak performance, keeping downtime to a minimum and keeping financial and environmental targets on track.

Solar (PV) Advisory

The journey in developing and connecting a commercial rooftop solar (PV) system requires professionals that have clear understanding of the process. With our expertise on design, engineering, technical, regulatory, and construction, we will deliver the highest quality result, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

Our partners


Government Incentives for Commercial Solar

Budget Update - mySolar

The 2024 Budget Update

Canada’s 2024 Federal Budget includes an Investment Tax Credit (“ITC”) of up to 30% for any business implementing solar (PV) into their facility. These ITCs aim to stimulate the transition to a cleaner economy and are available to taxable Canadian corporations.

Financial Benefits

By implementing solar (PV) into your facility, you significantly bring down your operating costs while hedging your energy costs forward. Further benefits include the Investment Tax Credit of up to 30% of the capital cost and the accelerated capital cost allowance.

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Why Solar (PV) for your facility?

Energy Independence - mySolar

Energy Independence and Reduced Operating Costs

Rate payers will continue to face an uphill financial battle if they do not look at ways to off-set their electricity costs today. Investing in solar (PV) takes away the risk of revenue losses and lack of competitiveness. Further, with ESG reporting becoming more prominent, the marketability of a clean facility enhances market share and revenue growth. Business decisions and partnerships will be highly driven by who is adopting clean and sustainable solutions to better run their business.

Economic Savings

Industry experts and regulators predict electricity costs will rise beyond the rate inflation year over year going forward. By generating your own electricity, you reduce the risk of increased long-term operational costs, bettering your bottom line and enhancing your market competitiveness.

Economic Savings - mySolar
Public Image & Corporate Responsibility - mySolar

Environmental Impact and Corporate Responsibility

By implementing solar (PV) into your facility, you will minimize your carbon footprint and move closer to meeting your ESG targets. As we make this transition, business decisions and partnerships will be highly driven by who is adopting clean and sustainable solutions to better run their facilities.

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