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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

mySolar is your partner in turnkey commercial solar PV systems, taking your solar goals from concept to connection. Invest in your business and take control of your energy.

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Our management team has over 25 years of experience in the commercial solar industry.

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Experience makes the difference

Put Your Business In the Hands of Solar Experts

mySolar’s expert management team has been designing, constructing, and financing commercial rooftop solar assets since 2009. With a vast knowledge and a commitment to the highest industry standards, we will guide you through a process that will empower you to take control of your energy today and better your bottom line.

Our Services

Invest In Complete Energy Independence

Achieve total energy autonomy with our comprehensive solar solutions for commercial properties. Our expert team designs, finances, installs, and maintains best-in-class solar PV systems, ensuring optimal performance and financial benefits. Lower your carbon footprint, stabilize energy costs, and enhance profitability while focusing on your core business. Join us in powering a sustainable future!

Solar (PV) Engineering Procurement & Construction

Every aspect of the solar PV systems process is done in-house. Our experienced leadership team has the expertise required to design, build, and connect your commercial solar systems for complete energy independence. Expect customized solar solutions that exceed industry standards, ensuring your financial goals are met while mitigating risk and lowering your carbon footprint.

Solar (PV) Financing

Our in-house solar panel financing options will allow you to meet your energy savings goals without the capital investment. Financing your commercial solar installation enables you to conserve capital for core business needs while at the same time increasing your profitability and hedging your energy bills long-term.

Solar PV Systems Operations & Maintenance

Often discussed but more often overlooked, maintenance is integral to maximizing your investment. Our team of maintenance professionals will ensure your industrial solar panels are operating at peak performance, keeping downtime to a minimum as well as financial and environmental targets on track.

Commercial Solar Systems Consulting

Developing and connecting solar panels for commercial buildings requires qualified experts who clearly understand the process. We provide comprehensive, personalized advice, helping you fully understand your solar potential and identify the best, most efficient options for your specific property.

Our partners


Government Incentives for Commercial Solar Systems

Property owners can significantly benefit from government incentives designed to promote solar energy adoption, making industrial solar panels in Canada more affordable and accessible. These programs offer various financial incentives, including tax credits, rebates, and grants, to reduce the initial cost of commercial solar panel installation.

Budget Update - mySolar

Canada’s 2024 Budget Update

The Canadian federal government’s 2024 budget includes an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) of up to 30% for any business implementing solar PV systems into their facility. These ITCs aim to promote the transition to a cleaner economy and are available to taxable Canadian corporations.

Our team provides expert guidance on navigating and maximizing available government incentives for commercial solar panels. Let us simplify the process, making your transition to solar energy seamless and cost-effective.

Why Solar?

Business Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels

Energy Independence - mySolar

Energy Independence

Ratepayers will continue to face an uphill financial battle if they do not look at ways to offset their electricity costs today. Investing in solar energy is crucial for staying competitive. With ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting gaining importance, a clean facility can enhance your market share and drive revenue growth. Future business decisions and partnerships will be highly driven by those adopting sustainable solutions.

Reduced Operating Costs & Economic Savings

Industry experts and regulators predict electricity costs will rise beyond the rate of inflation year over year going forward. By generating your own electricity, you reduce the risk of increased long-term operational costs, bettering your bottom line. Additionally, commercial solar panel installation can qualify for various tax incentives and rebates, further reducing the upfront investment.

Over time, the savings can offset the initial costs, leading to a significant return on investment. mySolar premium solar panels for commercial buildings are designed to last 40+ years, backed by a 25-year performance warranty and low maintenance needs.

Economic Savings - mySolar

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Environmental Impact & Corporate Responsibility

Investing in commercial solar installation demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility. By reducing reliance on fossil fuels, your business significantly lowers its carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable planet. This proactive approach to sustainability not only helps combat climate change, but also aligns with the growing expectations of customers, employees, and stakeholders for environmentally responsible practices.

Industries We Serve

mySolar is the preferred commercial solar systems provider for Canadian businesses. Our customizable solar solutions assist a wide range of industries, delivering substantial cost savings and promoting sustainability across diverse commercial environments.



Custom industrial solar panels from mySolar boost efficiency and reduce energy costs for high-energy consumption manufacturing facilities in Canada.



Reliable commercial solar panels provide farmers with access to clean and dependable energy for powering irrigation systems, processing, and more. This helps promote sustainable farming practices and operational efficiency.



Retail businesses can greatly benefit from commercial solar panel installation. Cut energy expenses and attract eco-conscious customers by powering your retail spaces with clean, renewable solar energy. 



Commercial solar PV systems provide reliable energy solutions that reduce operational costs, allowing hospitals to allocate more resources to patient care while promoting a healthier environment.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial solar systems enhance property value, attract tenants, and reduce energy expenses. Solar-powered buildings appeal to eco-conscious businesses, providing a competitive edge in the market and supporting sustainable development goals. 

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