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Solar power technology is here and finally accessible to everyone. And mySolar has the expertise to answer your questions and help you achieve true energy independence.

Is the utility/power company providing the rebate?

No, the rebate incentives for installing solar will be provided by one, or several, of the provincial or federal governments and, in some cases, your local municipality. Ask your mySolar Advisor about which incentives your home is eligible for. Sometimes multiple incentives are available!

Is mySolar working for the government/utility/power company?

No, mySolar is an independent service provider that specializes in solar energy, and electric vehicle solutions for homeowners.

What is grid capacity?

In Ontario, you can take advantage of the net-metering programs offered by your Local Distribution Company (electricity utility company). Unfortunately, in some cases, it is possible that your area may soon be at capacity. If solar interests you, we strongly recommend that you speak to a mySolar Advisor sooner than later — we will apply for capacity on your behalf. In some areas, utility companies have already started rejecting homeowners who want to install solar due to grid capacity.

Does mySolar guarantee my system’s energy production?

mySolar uses powerful, industry-leading solar design software with a strong track record for highly accurate energy production simulations. In addition, each design is personally reviewed and optimized by our Director of Solar Engineering, who has over 20 years of experience designing PV systems. We are always conservative with our power production estimates and often find that our customers experience greater energy returns than expected. However, mySolar cannot guarantee system production simply because small year-to-year fluctuations may occur.

How long does it take to install solar?

The installation typically takes 1-2 days, and from start to finish, mySolar delivers projects over an average timeline of approximately ten weeks. Your project can be a little less or a little more — depending on the speed of your local municipality and electricity company.

Will the installation of solar damage my roof or cause leaks?

If installed incorrectly or if cheap materials are used, damage or leaks are possible. Fortunately, mySolar only uses certified and experienced solar installation technicians — our installation teams have an excellent track record with prior experience installing over 5,000 residential solar systems. We use RT-BUTYL flashing for installation, which essentially guarantees no possibility of leaks. Finally, all installations are backed by a 2-year workmanship warranty.

Will snow affect my system’s energy production?

Light snow will have a negligible impact on the energy production of your panels, which will heat up and melt the snow. For heavier snow, because solar panels are installed at an angle the heat will melt the layer in contact with the panel, and the snow will usually slide off easily. It’s also helpful to be aware that the estimated production of your solar system design does take weather — such as snow or cloudy days — into consideration.

Do my panels need regular maintenance?

Because panels have no moving parts, they require little to no maintenance. In warm, dry regions, cleaning the panels 2-4 times per year is recommended due to the collection of dust inhibiting performance. In Canada, this is generally unnecessary, so the required maintenance of solar panels is virtually non-existent.

Can hail damage my solar panels?

Solar panels are a lot more durable than you might think. They are engineered using specially tempered or laminated glass and designed for flexibility and resistance to impact. This ensures that damage is very unlikely in all but the most extreme conditions. Check out YouTube where you will be able to find several videos demonstrating the incredible durability of solar panels!

What happens if I sell my home?

The best part about solar is that it always pays for itself! Statistics reported by the Appraisal Journal and the Lawrence Berkley Laboratory have demonstrated that homes equipped with solar sell for higher prices — typically by more than the original purchase price of the system itself. It’s also a fantastic selling feature that will help your home sell faster.

How long will my solar panels last?

The latest solar panel models on the market can have an expected lifespan of as long as 40 years (or more), and warranties that will keep them protected for about half of that time. Your solar panels also come with a performance warranty that guarantees the performance will not drop below 84.8% in the first 25 years. In actuality, the performance after 25 years will often be higher than the guarantee. Some panels have been known to remain over 80% efficient well past 30 years of life. And because electrical appliances continue to increase in efficiency over time, your PV array will likely continue to meet your household’s energy demands throughout its useful life, even with some degradation in performance.

What if I need to replace my roof?

If your roof is old and requires replacement or repair, we strongly recommend making the repairs before installing your solar system. You can choose to replace the entire roof or replace only the section where the panels will be installed — leaving the rest of the roof for later. The great news is that solar panels help protect your roof and significantly extend its lifetime. If you choose to replace your roof later, the system will need to be removed and then reinstalled once the roof is replaced or repaired. The cost of uninstalling/reinstalling can add around $3,000 to your total cost.

Can animals/rodents damage my system?

We install ‘critter-guards’ made from 303 and 304 stainless steel to prevent animals from causing damage to your roof and solar panels, as well as to help protect your PV system from other environmental-based damages.

If the grid goes down, does my power stay on?

Because of safety requirements, your home will also lose power in this situation. This is because regulations require your system to shut down immediately when the grid goes down.

How do I know my solar system is working?

Your system includes a monitoring feature, and you can easily view your system’s operating status anytime.

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