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mySolar provides industry-leading products delivered by expertly trained solar advisors and installation professionals.


Solar panels

We are committed to only working with top-of-the-line solar equipment.

Retrofitting your home with solar panels from mySolar will help you achieve energy independence and increase your home’s value.

Benefits Of Premium Solar Panels - mysolar

Benefits of premium solar panels

Beauty In Performance Icon

Beauty in Performance

High-end solid black panels with black frames are cutting edge and aesthetically pleasing.

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Low-light Efficiency

Industry-leading low-light performance works well in the shade and on cloudy days.

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Built for Canada

Constructed to withstand the harsh Canadian environment. Passed rigorous salt mist and extremely low-temperature tests.

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Guaranteed Quality

25-year performance warranty ensures that the equipment will operate at peak efficiency for decades.


mySolar EV charging

The next generation of electric vehicle (EV) charging is here. With innovative and modern solar-powered EV chargers, going green has never been easier.rnrnEVs are the future of transportation, and with mySolar, your future looks bright.

EV Charging - mySolar

Benefits of solar for your electric vehicle

Easy Charging Icon

Easy charging

Fuel up! Day or night, from the convenience of your own home.

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Big savings

Electric charging is significantly more cost-effective than gasoline vehicles – up to 10x!

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Transportation’s future

Make an impact. Driving electric is one of the best things you can do to help create a sustainable future.

Benefits Of Solar - mySolar


We can’t wait to show you how it all comes together.

We try and make things simple, and our process is designed to be worry-free. We take care of everything. Let us quickly walk you through it.


Our latest insights

Solar power generation is rapidly proliferating across the world. Stay current with the latest news and perspectives from our team.

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