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Solar Panels Toronto

As Canadians look to navigate aging infrastructure and manage rising electricity costs, mySolar offers a lasting solution with its cutting-edge solar technology.

Our commitment to supporting a sustainable future goes beyond providing quality solar panels in Toronto—we offer complete, full-cycle service. We’ll assess your property, develop a solar panel arrangement, and install the panels ourselves.

Every aspect of the mySolar process is done in-house, assuring you receive the most impeccable Toronto solar panel installation.

Premium Rooftop Solar Panels for Toronto Homes

Engineered to optimize solar power and deliver unmatched cost savings, mySolar’s high-efficiency solar panels redefine sustainability for Toronto homeowners with their state-of-the-art technology.

High-End Solar Panel Design Icon

High-End Solar Panel Design

Enhance your home’s appeal while maximizing energy generation. Our high-end solar installations boast solid black panels and frames that blend beauty with functionality.

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Built for Toronto Homeowners

Our solar panels will integrate seamlessly into your home, aligning perfectly with the current energy landscape experienced by Toronto homeowners.

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Guaranteed Quality

We’re committed to providing quality solar panels for Toronto homeowners. Our products undergo rigorous testing and come with a 25-year performance warranty.

Shivay S.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

I highly recommend mySolar for your solar installation needs. The team was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient throughout the entire process. They walked me through every step and answered all of my questions. I have seen a significant decrease in my energy bills and am happy to be doing my part for the environment.

Rashad M.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

Such a great company to work with, I’m really pleased with the overall experience. They walked me through every step and took care of everything. The installation was very professional, and my wife and I have been really excited to see a big reduction in our electricity bill. I would highly recommend looking at mySolar if you’re interested in solar.

David S.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

Very Professional, well-prepared presentation, friendly and knowledgeable Sales Rep. Ryan was outstanding. If you’re considering solar as part of your energy program — these are the guys to do it!

Candace B.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

Solar is something I’ve wanted for years now but never quite got around to it. I was impressed by mySolar. Everything was professional from beginning to end. They were friendly and answered all my questions throughout the process. My neighbours have been asking me about it since it got installed and I can’t recommend this company enough. I should have done this years ago. Thanks again.

Michelle P.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

Fahad and Jessica have been amazing with support and communication . From the beginning they have kept me in the loop with updates on the project and what to expect and when roughly to expect them. I have a 3.5kw setup and I am super excited to having essentially no hydro payments. Saving money and the earth!

Mark K.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

Both Fahad R and Jessica have been a pleasure to work with. They answer all my questions or find out the answers. They just finished installing my 5kw system and I love how you can barely see the critter guards, cables are tucked neatly,  and the panels where very lightweight. I would highly recommend my Solar if you want high quality work

Chandresh P.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

It was a great experience. MySolar did great work from the beginning, explaining how the project will be completed. Helped me throughout the process and up until it was finished and completely installed installation. Thank you!!!

Mansoor T.

Home Owner, mySolar Client

The project was presented in a very professional manner which made me to decide to go with Solar, Mysolar was very responsive from the beginning to the end, provided as much information as possible. They followed up with all associated parties to get the project done in a timely fashion.

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Our Sub Services

Solar Installation - mySolar

Solar Installation

Experience seamless solar panel installation with our expert team. We ensure a hassle-free process, from site assessment to the final setup, optimizing your space for maximum energy production. Trust us to power your home or business with clean, renewable energy.

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Customized Solar Solutions - mySolar

Customized Solar Solutions

Tailor your energy needs with our custom solar solutions. Whether you have unique architectural constraints or specific energy goals, our bespoke designs ensure your solar system fits perfectly and performs optimally. Let’s innovate together for a sustainable future.

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Energy Efficiency Audits - mySolar

Energy Efficiency Audits

Maximize your energy savings with our comprehensive, energy efficiency audit. Our dedicated specialists analyze your current energy usage and identify key opportunities to reduce consumption and increase savings. Transform your property into a model of efficiency and sustainability.

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Maintenance and Monitoring - mySolar

Maintenance and Monitoring

Keep your solar system at peak performance with our maintenance and monitoring services. From regular check-ups to real-time performance tracking, we ensure your investment continues to deliver optimal results. Peace of mind comes standard with our dedicated support.

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Incentives Assistance - mySolar

Incentives Assistance

Navigate the world of solar incentives with ease. Our team guides you through available provincial energy benefits, helping you increase your investment returns and maximize savings. We’ve helped hundreds of clients with their incentives through our consulting teams!

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Solar Consultation Services - mySolar

Solar Consultation Services

Embark on your solar journey confidently with our expert consultation services. We provide comprehensive, personalized advice, helping you fully understand your solar potential and identify the best, most efficient options for your specific property. Start your path to sustainability with confidence!

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How it works

At mySolar, we are committed to making the decision to go solar as simple as possible. Let’s guide you through the steps!

Step 1

Free consultation & Solar Energy Report

Schedule your free consultation with a mySolar Advisor. We will create a custom Solar Energy Report and Solar Design tailored specifically for your home.

Step 2

Site assessment

A mySolar Expert will survey your property, roof, and electrical panel to ensure the quality of your design and installation.

Step 3

Capacity approval & permitting

mySolar will submit your project for capacity approval with your Local Distribution Company (electrical utility), and obtain a building permit on your behalf.

Step 4

Pre-installation energy audit

A licensed energy audit partner will get in touch to schedule your pre-installation audit. This is the first step towards receiving your rebates, including the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

Step 5


We will contact you with your scheduled installation date. Installation is typically complete in 1 day if there are no weather delays.

Step 6

Safety inspection

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) will inspect the installation to ensure quality and compliance with regulations.

Step 7

Bi-directional meter installation

mySolar will schedule your Local Distribution Company to install your bi-directional meter.

Step 8

Bask in the sun (lights on!)

mySolar will drop by to commission the system. Lights On! Sit back, relax, and bask in the sun. Enjoy the wonderful benefits of solar, and thank you for doing your part to make a meaningful impact on our planet.

Step 9

Post-installation audit

The post-installation audit will report how much energy has been saved, and how much greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced as a result of your solar installation. Your auditor will then guide you through the easy final steps to receive your rebates, including the Canada Greener Homes Grant and access to the Interest-Free Loan Program.

Lighting up the world with our partners

Getting Started With Solar Has Never Been Easier

How it Works

Proudly Illuminating Toronto

At mySolar, we’re more than just your Toronto solar power system provider—we’re your partners in achieving a brighter and more sustainable future.

Our promise is simple: delivering premium products, quality installation, and service we’re proud of. Access to energy independence shouldn’t be complicated, which is why simplifying the process and ensuring every step is as worry-free as possible is our top priority.

We also offer flexible financing and will help you navigate complicated rebates to ensure you save money while lowering your carbon footprint. The Greener Homes Loan (worth up to $40k with 0% interest over 10 years) also makes it easier to get started. At mySolar, we’re not just illuminating the city; we’re illuminating homes and shaping the future of Toronto.

Contact mySolar today to learn more about our Toronto solar panel installation services.

Proudly Illuminating Toronto - mySolar
Power of Energy Independence - mySolar

The Power of Becoming Energy Independent in Toronto

With the challenges of Toronto’s energy landscape today, solar panels have become the premier choice for homeowners seeking true energy independence. It isn’t just about reducing energy bills; it’s a thoughtful step towards sustainability and becoming future-proof.

Our growing population and increasing energy demands strain traditional grid infrastructure. Adopting solar panels in Toronto alleviates the pressure on the grid and contributes to building a more resilient and sustainable energy network.

Your home will still be connected to the electrical grid with solar, but will prioritize solar-generated power before pulling in additional energy at night to meet real-time demands. If your system is generating more power than needed during the day, this will exported to the energy grid to be recorded and credited on your next billing cycle.

This process is known as “net-metering”, as you are billed for the difference between how much power you export and use from the grid. If you end up in a net surplus, which is common during the summer, these will be saved as credits that can be stacked and used when needed during the shorter days during the winter at an ultra-low overnight rate.

It’s time to recognize the value of owning your energy. With mySolar, you can better control your costs, reduce your dependency on the grid, and create a more sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle—all while contributing to shaping a greener tomorrow.

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Contact mySolar today to learn how you, too, can achieve energy independence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, and we have the answers.

Is the utility/power company providing the rebate?

No, the rebate incentives for installing solar will be provided by one, or several, of the provincial or federal governments and, in some cases, your local municipality. Ask your mySolar Advisor about which incentives your home is eligible for. Sometimes multiple incentives are available!

Is mySolar working for the government/utility/power company?

No, mySolar is an independent service provider that specializes in solar energy, and electric vehicle solutions for homeowners.

What is grid capacity?

In Ontario, you can take advantage of the net-metering programs offered by your Local Distribution Company (electricity utility company). Unfortunately, in some cases, it is possible that your area may soon be at capacity. If solar interests you, we strongly recommend that you speak to a mySolar Advisor sooner than later — we will apply for capacity on your behalf. In some areas, utility companies have already started rejecting homeowners who want to install solar due to grid capacity.

Does mySolar guarantee my system’s energy production?

mySolar uses powerful, industry-leading solar design software with a strong track record for highly accurate energy production simulations. In addition, each design is personally reviewed and optimized by our Director of Solar Engineering, who has over 20 years of experience designing PV systems. We are always conservative with our power production estimates and often find that our customers experience greater energy returns than expected. However, mySolar cannot guarantee system production simply because small year-to-year fluctuations may occur.

How long does it take to install solar?

The installation typically takes 1-2 days, and from start to finish, mySolar delivers projects over an average timeline of approximately ten weeks. Your project can be a little less or a little more — depending on the speed of your local municipality and electricity company.

Will the installation of solar damage my roof or cause leaks?

If installed incorrectly or if cheap materials are used, damage or leaks are possible. Fortunately, mySolar only uses certified and experienced solar installation technicians — our installation teams have an excellent track record with prior experience installing over 5,000 residential solar systems. We use RT-BUTYL flashing for installation, which essentially guarantees no possibility of leaks. Finally, all installations are backed by a 2-year workmanship warranty.

Will snow affect my system’s energy production?

Light snow will have a negligible impact on the energy production of your panels, which will heat up and melt the snow. For heavier snow, because solar panels are installed at an angle the heat will melt the layer in contact with the panel, and the snow will usually slide off easily. It’s also helpful to be aware that the estimated production of your solar system design does take weather — such as snow or cloudy days — into consideration.

Do my panels need regular maintenance?

Because panels have no moving parts, they require little to no maintenance. In warm, dry regions, cleaning the panels 2-4 times per year is recommended due to the collection of dust inhibiting performance. In Canada, this is generally unnecessary, so the required maintenance of solar panels is virtually non-existent.

Can hail damage my solar panels?

Solar panels are a lot more durable than you might think. They are engineered using specially tempered or laminated glass and designed for flexibility and resistance to impact. This ensures that damage is very unlikely in all but the most extreme conditions. Check out YouTube where you will be able to find several videos demonstrating the incredible durability of solar panels!

What happens if I sell my home?

The best part about solar is that it always pays for itself! Statistics reported by the Appraisal Journal and the Lawrence Berkley Laboratory have demonstrated that homes equipped with solar sell for higher prices — typically by more than the original purchase price of the system itself. It’s also a fantastic selling feature that will help your home sell faster.

How long will my solar panels last?

The latest solar panel models on the market can have an expected lifespan of as long as 40 years (or more), and warranties that will keep them protected for about half of that time. Your solar panels also come with a performance warranty that guarantees the performance will not drop below 84.8% in the first 25 years. In actuality, the performance after 25 years will often be higher than the guarantee. Some panels have been known to remain over 80% efficient well past 30 years of life. And because electrical appliances continue to increase in efficiency over time, your PV array will likely continue to meet your household’s energy demands throughout its useful life, even with some degradation in performance.

What if I need to replace my roof?

If your roof is old and requires replacement or repair, we strongly recommend making the repairs before installing your solar system. You can choose to replace the entire roof or replace only the section where the panels will be installed — leaving the rest of the roof for later. The great news is that solar panels help protect your roof and significantly extend its lifetime. If you choose to replace your roof later, the system will need to be removed and then reinstalled once the roof is replaced or repaired. The cost of uninstalling/reinstalling can add around $3,000 to your total cost.

Can animals/rodents damage my system?

We install ‘critter-guards’ made from 303 and 304 stainless steel to prevent animals from causing damage to your roof and solar panels, as well as to help protect your PV system from other environmental-based damages.

If the grid goes down, does my power stay on?

Because of safety requirements, your home will also lose power in this situation. This is because regulations require your system to shut down immediately when the grid goes down.

How do I know my solar system is working?

Your system includes a monitoring feature, and you can easily view your system’s operating status anytime.


Your path to energy independence begins here.

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